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Sien Josephine is a casting director, writer, director and photographer from Antwerp (Belgium). Sien Josephine earned her Masters degree in Law when she was 23 years old, but she decided law was not doing any good for her creativity. She turned to the world of film & photography, focussing on casting and casting photography. Sien Josephine has more than 3 years of relevant experience as a casting agent for advertisement and cinema and has worked with some of the biggest production companies in Belgium, France, the Netherlands & the UK.

As a self-taught photographer Sien Josephine has worked for the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Timberland and I Love Techno. She gets her inspiration from the city, travel and first and foremost: people. When looking at her work you can tell she has a genuine interest for the person in front of her camera. Also light & color are two very important factors that can be found in her work.

Ervaring: Drie jaar ervaring als casting assistent bij Dagcasting, zowel in reclame als film. Set-begeleiding van figuratie & kleine rollen bij langspeelfilm, zowel Nederlands- als Franstalig.

Specialiteit: casting & fotografie

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